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Recorded TrainingS

Non-Traditional Partner Panel

2024 NCDEA Annual  Training:
February 2024
NACD Annual Convention - San Diego

This panel discussion focused on working with partners outside the "normal" list from the BLM to Community groups. 

Social Media Best Practices


2024 NCDEA Monthly Webinar Series:

March 2024

Social Media can be intimidating. This webinar will walk you through some dos and don't related to best practices and tips for better utilizing your social media accounts to promote your district. 

Connecting with Your Communities: Effective Indoor and Outdoor Education

2024 NCDEA Monthly Training Series:
May 2024

Education and outreach looks different across the country. Speakers from a large urban district and a small rural district share their perspectives on starting and building district education programs.

Employee On-Boarding

2024 NCDEA Training
Part 1

NCDEA is developing a library of on-boarding tools for new employees and partners. Part 1 is an introduction to Conservation Districts.

Grant Management

2024 NCDEA Monthly Training Series:
June 2024

Resource for districts who are seeking funding through grants, specifically NACD Technical Assistance Grants. Also useful information for managing grants and recovering costs for your district. 

District Income Sources - Thinking Outside the Box

2024 NCDEA Monthly Training Series:
July 2024

Funding district operations can be challenging, this webinar looks at two partnership models that have provided unique opportunities for the districts that utilize them. 

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